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6 Common Uses of Adobe Illustrator

1) Drawing Icons

Why draw on icons in Illustrator? Illustrator has a strong grid system which makes it simple to draw on exact icon graphic. You are able to draw squares, rectangles, a circle is liked by basic contours and fit it. Align tools and the snapping characteristic make it order and simple to draw your contours. Merely choose the contour to fill it with a colour and decide the color your desire.

2) Drawing Maps

Pencil tool and the line tool makes it simple to draw shapes and lines . The pencil tool lets you draw on any contours that are potential. It may not be easy for beginners to learn just how to use the pencil tool but after you’ve understood how it works, you may discover how simple it’s to draw and edit any contour.

3) Drawing Info Graphics

Magazines and paper regularly use infographics showing amounts and numbers. As it includes some useful tools to draw graphs and pie charts mechanically by straightforward inputting the information amounts most of the drawings are done in Adobe Illustrator.


4) Drawing Realistic Items

Photo realistic merchandise drawings are possible in Adobe Illustrator. Net tool and the gradient tool are the most common tools to create easy and realistic shadings. The final outcome is a naturalistic thing drawing that can amaze your customer.

5) Drawing Cartoons

It has been made a popular design to create adorable animations by the flat colours appearance. The pencil tool makes coloring simple in Adobe Illustrator and drawing contours. Besides the pencil tool, the gradient tool makes coloring and shading in illustrator so simple. You can readily swap the colours if your colour palette is rejected by the customers.

Programs like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Quark Xpress and much more are used by designers to perfect their ideas and make their work easier. It takes some time to become an expert, but with a little patience and basic knowledge of the software, anyone can do it. For novices, Adobe Photoshop is a perfect choice. Children use it successfully and so does the filmmaking industry. There is nothing you cannot do with Adobe Photoshop, what you need is good knowledge of its options – the rest is piece of cake.

6) Emblems

Most of the professional symbols are done in vector applications it can be readily exported and use in other medias as. The EPS file allows you to print good and sharp looking symbol heads for marketing contents and business profiles. The backdrop that is disjunct causes it to be so simple to put the symbol over your marketing contents.

Adobe Illustrator training is turning into a highly popular application in the design world. Why can it be so popular? The flexibility of skill and this tool to export high resolutions art has caused it to be a killer application for graphic designers. Strokes, lines, and colours are easily controlled in Illustrator. Let us find out what designers are using this application because of their day-to-day work.