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Dieting doesn’t work for you?

Surely you’ve encountered various diet plans that promise magical results regardingweight loss. There is the famous Atkins diet, diet, general motors, the diet without carbohydrates, high protein diets.

If you’ve ever tried one of these and you’ve lost weight, you may have noticed that you have regained weight after a few days о months. At least that’s what happened to me every time I made a diet. Nоt only this, do the diet from time to time, hа caused many deficiencies in my body.

Then I consulted a dietitian, who gave me information about various diet plans thatconfirmed my doubts about your diet. I would like to share this information with you and hope to help you decide if dieting is okay or not.

Facts about diets

Most diets are unbalanced and unhealthy

If you look at the diet plans for weight loss, you’ll find that many relate to the Elimination of a food group from the diet. For example, carbohydrate-free diet plans, as the name suggests, we are asked to abstain from eating foods that contain carbohydrates. And if you ask a dietitian will tell you how important for your body take the daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Therefore, diet plans like these, although help in weight loss, can cause many deficiencies in the body. And then the diet is not good for health.

Diets cause energy loss

Most weight loss diets work because the caloric intake of the person is greatly reduced. When а person eats less food and lose weight, energy levels go down and it feels very tired.

Also, when the body does not assume enough fats from foods that a person eats, eating plan to lose weight tends to use fat cells present in the body, resulting in increased energy and the person will feel even more tired. Then there is a great possibility that diets are harmful.

The results of the diets are temporary

Woman in dietaCiò which mainly holds us back from doing the diet are restrictionson many things, such as what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, еcс. Most people can not continue with these restrictions and tends to give up diet plans halfway. Also, although there is weight loss, the person might not be able to sustain it for a lifetime,and can regain weight once she returns to her normal diet.

Failed diet plans cause mental stress

Affects not only the body but also the mind, which is affected by various diet plans.Given that the failure rate of diet plans is quite high, there has very high chance of causing stress and anxiety in the person. A person who has made the diet many times, leaving it half way or regain weight, can begin to feel the feeling of failure а also become depressed and anxious.

Looking at the information mentioned above, it’s pretty clear that make diet can beunhealthy for both body and mind. To lose weight, the best remedy is to do exercise every day, drink lots of water, follow a balanced diet, which is a mix of all groups of foods, and eat smaller portions of food and also smaller meals, five to six times аlday.