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Assist A Tray To Assist With Daily Chores


assist a tray

An Assist A Tray is usually attached to a wheelchair and it aims to help people manage their own things, so they don’t have to depend on anyone all the time. The Assist A Tray, if the need arises can assist a person to stand up from the wheelchair. It also lends a considerable amount of support if the person wants to sit down. For these purposes alone, the tray has an ergonomic safety handle so the user will be able to grip it strongly and without slipping.  

The Assist A Tray can also be used to place a laptop, cell phone and medicines. If you are leaving a wheelchair user unattended for a few hours, then this tray will be very helpful since it can hold a couple of books, snacks, a bottle of water and a few miscellaneous items. It has a cup holder and utility compartment for ease of use. With this tray, a patient who has to spend hours on end on the wheelchair can use it for reading and writing. If there are no alternatives, the tray even works remarkably well for placing plates of food when it is mealtime for the patient. The Assist A Tray need not necessarily be fit with a wheelchair; it can be fitted on the patient’s bed, work chair or couch. Since you can swivel the tray to about 360 degrees, you can just move it out of the way if the patient doesn’t need it.

You need not worry about the stability factor of Assist A Tray as it has a firm grip that lets the tray stand firmly to the couch, bed or work chair. The tray is made of sturdy plastic and it can withstand up to 250 pounds of weight. The tray itself weighs 30 lbs and can be fitted perfectly well to any place you want. There are super-grip rubber pads that grabs at the floor; it prevents slipping of the tray stand and will provide the patient with enough support when he wants to get up. Another advantage of the tray is that you can adjust its height to different levels starting from 26 inches.  The handle of the tray can be adjusted to different levels starting from 34 inches to 40 inches.

The elderly have found this tray to be greatly useful and they are duly impressed with its performance. You can use this for children who are not able to get up and do chores on their own. People recuperating from surgeries will also find this tray useful, because they can read, write, browse and even work from home.

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