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Get fit with App, Smartwatch and Smartband

To check the efficacy, the quantity and quality of exercise, whatever it is, (running, cycling, gym, gymnastics or even a simple walk), you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a personal trainer who put on breathing down your neck, because nowadays we are almost obliged to use apps for Android and iPhone or buy some “magical” wearable tech objects such as bracelets or the fantastic watches , we can exploit to get back into shape.

In this way, even the most boring and tiring physical exertion can become fun and be measured to know, in real time, if you are losing weight, if we’re burning calories, if our commitment is better than the day before or we’re wasting our time, we can only do all having fun and losing weight more and more.

Google Fit/Apple Health

These are official applications for Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy (list them all is impossible) and for the iPhone, where Apple Health is already installed and ready to use (only available on iOS 8 or higher).

These innovative tools capable of recording, via sensors integrated into the phone, all the movements, the number of steps walking or running and, if your phone supports it, even rhythm.

Using data collected from internal accelerometer, GPS sensor and data mapping, Google and Apple Fit Health are the Vitality health garcinia cambogia review first app to use.

Apple Health, included with iOS 8, is an application remarkable and rich in health information.

Although at first may seem daunting, it is much easier than it sounds and can really give strong support to any physical activity.

The counter is already active on iPhone 5S and newer models while on the iPhone 6 is there even a detector to find out the flights of stairs to climb.

The walk, run and Bike Fit Google works in a similar way and is also able to calculate the calories.

These two applications are integrated with data from other apps and are therefore for each monitoring of physical activity.

What are you waiting for? Download now from the Play Store Google app Fit!

[googleplay] com. google android apps …. fitness & hl = en [/googleplay]


Is one of the best apps for Android and iPhone that integrate with Google and Apple Fit Health, able to monitor progress in training and keep records on calories burned and the paths get.

Runtastic differs from other motivational stories that put the user in situations of fantasy to create an incentive to practice and have fun. One of the many fools studies has shown that our body runs faster if we zombies that we are running behind, and that is why the guys from Runtastic had this crazy idea: introduce funny situation.

For example, one of the funniest situations is to run as fast as you can to get away from the zombies who want to kill us or even to escape from Alcatraz and run as fast as possible to not get caught by the police.

Runtastic stories can be purchased individually for less than a euro.

Runtastic integrates seamlessly with the smartwatch and smartband including the FitBit.

[googleplay] com. runtastic. android. pro2 & hl = en [/googleplay]

[appstore id = “366626332 ″]

7 Minute Workout (for iOS and Android)

This is an app based on a scientific model tried and tested tried and tested to work out every day with a 7 minute workout complete, fast and effective.

The application is designed for those who have little time to devote to physical or are so busy that they cannot devote a few hours a week to the gym. It’s probably the ultimate app for burning fat and calories and to train at home or anywhere else.

There are various exercises are arranged according to 7 minutes depending on the lens that can be to lose weight or to improve muscle tone.

[appstore id = “650762525 ″]

[googleplay] sevenmins [/googleplay] popularapp. com.


Is an online service complete with iPhone and Android app that allows you to control the weight and calories in the diet. You will have a “real” nutritionist at your fingertips app.

To stay in shape can be necessary to check the meals knowing exactly what you are eating and how many calories it has.