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ow many minutes should walk to lose weight?

Today we are on the subject of the market together. How many minutes should really do to slim down and lose weight? The market has t – it affect weight loss? Answer in this article! When you want to get in shape, doctors advise often start and/or include walking in our daily fitness program. But why? Because the market is part of the natural movements of human beings. By walking, you do physical activity at low to medium intensity if it is speed walking.

To give you an idea, a market is said to be fast at a speed of about 5 to 6 km/pm. walking quickly, you activate and tone all muscles of the lower part of your body: thighs, glutes, calves and you refine your size through the movement of propulsion. By toning your legs, you’re fighting actively also encrusted cellulite.

At the level of calories, the report is the following: 1 km market = your weight in calories. Example: for a person of 65 kg – 1 km = 65 kcal need for assistance? Find our group of regimeuses. It’s an average calories can vary from one person to the other because of your age or sex. To have visible effects quickly, must go step by step. Hey Yes, contrary to popular opinion, walking is a sport and it is very important not to burn the steps. Give yourself challenges to achieve during your sessions as and when. For example, the first week 4kms then 5 km the second etc… During your excursions, vary the rhythms and the slopes also for even more results. A slope will allow you to target the front of your thighs (quadriceps) earlier in the descent and sometimes the rear (hamstrings and calves) during upgrades.

Speed up, slow down walk normally and choose places with climbs and descents. Intensity warranty! To have effects really beneficial on health, I advise you to start walking 30 minutes at medium intensity then increase as the time: 45 min, 60 min, 90 min… without giving you limit! The important thing when you walk is to combine the kilometers over a period of time, a week for example. A counter not may be a friendly to motivate you to exceed you and get out more often. Don’t hesitate to find you a partner to push you to go further and make trips pleasant. Doctors believe that to lose weight, must achieve between 8 000 and 10,000 not per day. If you had to hurt to walk or do you rather sedentary work, bet on the activities: go to work by bike, climb the stairs quickly, take the children to school on foot… Then to your pedometer, which will make the most kilometers?

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What role can exercise in the weight control? The point about the myths and the reality.


Women with strong thighs, just like fat men, are often exploited by charlatans who promise to lose weight locally by all sorts of stuff: application of ointments, creams and various decoctions, massage and electrical stimulation. The thing most in vogue, these are the famous “exercises for the belly” and “exercises for thighs.


It is not possible to “melt” the fat in a given region of the body conducting exercises seeking the muscles in this area. Exercise to lose weight locally, should be that the muscles use as fuel the fat from the neighboring reserves of fat. It should, for example, that the abdominal muscles use preferably the fat accumulated under the skin in the abdomen or belly. However, this is not possible, because there is no direct exchanges between the neighboring muscles and subcutaneous fat. Indeed, there is no blood vessels that go to the fat accumulated under